Student Resources

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Kristina Bates in Suite 125 can help students connect to main campus resources, check registration status and holds, confirm student's ID numbers, look up scheduling of classes, and answer any questions students may have. Reach her at or schedule an appointment.

The Disability Resource Center provides services to students who have physical, cognitive, or psychological impairments to create an accessible academic, social, and physical environment for students with disabilities. Examples include chronic illness, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disability, hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility impairment, psychological impairment, and traumatic brain injury. For more information on services please contact Kristina Bates at She will assist you with contacting the DRC and initiating the process.

Periodically, Gwinnett Student Affairs offers tickets for Atlanta-area cultural events and seminars hosted by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. These tickets are deeply discounted or free for students. These opportunities are advertised to students via emails, newsletter announcements, fliers, and posters.

The services of the Athens-located University Health Center (UHC) are not currently offered at the Gwinnett Campus. Gwinnett Campus students do not pay the UGA student health fee as part of their standard fee package, but they are eligible to receive some services offered on the Athens Campus. Interested students should call the UHC at 706-542-1162 for more information about how to pay the appropriate fees and receive services. Students who are not already covered through parents, spouse/partner, or work health plans may wish to obtain coverage via a student health insurance policy at

Parking is available on either side of the building. Parking is free and shared by UGA program participants and other building tenants. No parking decal is needed.

The Gwinnett Campus is dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment. We have a security guard on campus to escort people to their cars late at night. Just stop by the security desk in the building lobby to request an escort.

Please remember that Gwinnett Campus is a public building. To help maintain the safety of the building, please,

  • Do not prop locked building doors open for others to use.
  • Keep your personal belongings near you or locked in your trunk at all times. Don’t leave your belongings out and unattended while you’re in the building, and don’t leave belongings in plain sight in your car.
  • Leave valuables at home. If you don’t need it for class, don’t bring it with you.

The campus creates opportunities and events that meet the unique needs of Gwinnett Campus students. Our most popular events include our Snacks & Relax and Coffee & Culture evenings. Coffee & Culture is an on-going series in which students can enjoy some coffee or tea and a guest artist for a few minutes before class or on a class break. Snacks & Relax is a stress relief event, where students can grab a snack and get a free 10-minute chair massage before class or during a break. Check the calendar on Your Gwinnett Portal in eLC for details on events.

Study rooms are available for UGA students, faculty, and staff. You can reserve the room in advance by completing this form. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for those without a reservation. Stop at the front desk if you have any questions.

The UGA Gwinnett Campus offers on-site tech support for all students, faculty, and staff. To receive immediate assistance, call the Gwinnett Help Desk at (678) 985-6799 or

Staff on the Gwinnett Campus can proctor exams taken through the Office of Online Learning; for students who need alternative testing arrangements, such as for disability accommodations; and for students enrolled in distance learning at other institutions. For more information on the testing services available through the Office of Student Affairs contact Lisa Bramlett at (678) 985-6767 or

Students can order their UGA ID online here. The cost is $30, and there is typically a waiting time of 3-7 days for the finished ID to arrive on the Gwinnett Campus for pick-up. Students will need to show a valid photo ID to receive their UGA ID. Email with questions.

Vending machines with beverages and snacks are located near the main reception desk. In addition, there is a refrigerator and two microwaves for students to use.

In the event of inclement weather that causes unsafe conditions, UGA Gwinnett Campus may close to protect students, faculty, and staff. Information on Gwinnett Campus closures is reported on the UGA Gwinnett website, the UGA Gwinnett Facebook page, and on metro-Atlanta radio and television stations.

The UGA Gwinnett Campus responds to weather emergencies independently from the main campus in Athens. This means that UGA Gwinnett may remain open while the main campus is Athens is closed, and vice versa.

All students and faculty are encouraged to consider their own safety and local road conditions before traveling in bad weather. Students should contact faculty members directly about specific classes. Individual class cancellations are not reported to UGA Gwinnett staff and are not announced on the campus website.

UGAAlert is the name chosen by UGA for the emergency mass notification system made available through the vendor, Rave Mobile Safety. Effective communication is one of the major challenges in emergency management.UGAAlert will be used to improve our ability to communicate prior to, during, and after emergencies. UGA students, faculty, and staff with a valid MyID can register up to three telephone numbers and two email addresses to receive emergency alerts. The system can push out thousands of messages within minutes.

UGAAlert messages are sent via voice phone call, text messaging, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and the UGAAlert Desktop application.

Learn more and enroll here.

A hardship withdrawal is a withdrawal approved by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Gwinnett Campus as a documented event or serious illness that is beyond the student’s control and prevents the student from continuing or performing successfully in the semester. With a hardship withdrawal, students are expected to withdraw from all courses for the semester. Students withdrawing from any or all of their classes should be aware that a reduction in their course load may affect other aspects of their academic life, including financial aid, and they should contact these offices to discuss any potential impact.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the university after the semester midpoint, they should do the following:

  • Speak with their professors about their situation to see if alternative arrangements can be made for completing coursework.
  • If no alternatives are possible or advisable, prepare a specific, written timeline and explanatory details of the hardship and contact the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Gwinnett Campus, Dr. Laura Crawley.
  • Discuss the situation with the director. Students will be asked to submit written documentation of the hardship from a credible third party who is unrelated to them. The specific required documentation will be determined by the director after speaking with the student.
  • If the director believes a hardship is warranted, she will notify the student and their professors.
  • Students must then complete the withdrawal process via Athena, saving a copy of the withdrawal verification page for their records.

Please note that the director does not assign grades. Faculty members assign grades and they will assign a WP or WF depending on the student’s class performance before the hardship occurred. Students should never simply stop attending class without informing professors and advisors about their hardship situation. Hardship withdrawals must be complete before 5 p.m. on the last day of class. Students cannot withdraw once regular class meetings have ended. The documentation process typically takes several days, so students should plan accordingly. For more information on withdrawals after the semester midpoint, contact Dr. Laura Crawley.