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Those interested in applying to a University of Georgia graduate program have two steps to complete: applying to University of Georgia Graduate School and completing any supplemental materials required by a specific graduate program.

1. Apply to the Graduate School.

The Graduate School coordinates the graduate programs of all schools and colleges of the University of Georgia. You cannot apply to a specific graduate program without first applying to the Graduate School. Admission requirements to the Graduate School can be found here.

Please note: The Doctoral of Public Health program does not require applying to the Graduate School. Please see  the program's guidelines to learn the specific steps to apply.

Click here for Admissions FAQ for the Graduate School.

Click here to start the online application. 

2. Complete supplemental materials required by a specific graduate program.

Applicants should contact the academic department to which they will apply for information on supplemental application forms and materials that may be required by the academic department. Examples of supplemental materials include specific essays, resume showing work experience, or a separate application. Students can find a list of graduate degree programs and contact information here.