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Organization Coaching (Graduate Certificate)

Certificate Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Organization Coaching is a desirable, complementary credential for students pursuing a graduate degree in adult learning, leadership, and organization development, as well as those in other fields who want to be a certified organization coach.

To date, no other institutions of higher education in Georgia offer explicit and focused training in organization coaching as part of their graduate degree program or as a stand-alone graduate certificate program.

The content of this certificate was designed to align with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching certification standards. By adhering to these standards, individuals who complete the certificate program are prepared to implement evidence-based and instructionally-effective practices for coaching individuals and teams.

Program highlights include:

  • Attractive for professionals looking for graduate-level professional development related specifically to coaching individuals and teams in organizations
  • Pairs well with many graduate degrees
  • Coaching credential allows students to provide developmental coaching to executives, teams, leaders, and others in organizations
  • Organization coaching is interdisciplinary
  • Responds to a growing demand for organization and executive coaching certification

Curriculum and Courses

The purpose of this certificate program is to provide full certification in the principles and practices of organization coaching for graduate students. Organization coaching encompasses different types of coaching that might be applied in organizations such as executive, team, leader, or life coaching, and allows students to provide developmental coaching with the outcome of improving their interpersonal and leadership behaviors.

Coursework will help you understand:

  • Foundational literature on theories and models that inform organization coaching and its linkages to adult learning, leadership, organization development, and change theory
  • Career issues faced by adults and the role coaching interventions can play in addressing them
  • Methods and practices of organization coaching by practicing the range of interventions applied in organization coaching, such as selecting and using assessments, giving feedback, choosing appropriate interventions, dealing with difficult clients, and developing a coaching toolbox

You will also practice coaching with a practicum client as a capstone experience to apply the theory, models, and practices learned during the certificate program.


Applications for the Organization Coaching Certificate (OCC) should be submitted to the director of OCC. The degree code is CERT_2ORC_GW.

Students' names will be added to the program database of OCC students, and the OCC will be added to students' files by the Registrar's Office. Students who are admitted to the OCC program will be given priority when registering for further coursework (e.g., LLOD 8420/8420e and LLOD 843/8430e).

Apply to the OCC program. Students can apply any semester. 

Corporate Assistance

Consult your employer about the availability of tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs.

Military Assistance

Active duty military, veterans, and military families should visit Veterans Educational Benefits to take full advantage of available financial assistance and educational benefits.

University System of Georgia Tuition Assistance Program

The purpose of the Georgia Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is to foster the professional growth and development of eligible employees. For more information, see Tuition Assistance.

Confirmation of Program of Study

In the year prior to graduation, students should complete the Confirmation of Program of Study form and complete the practicum course (LLOD 6000/e or 9800/e). The Confirmation of Program of Study form outlines how the OCC program requirements for the certificate have been met (exclusive of the dissertation or thesis) (i.e., listing courses taken).

Applicants Must Have a Minimum GPA of 3.0

Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be subject to removal from the program following faculty review. Such procedures are consistent with existing standards of practice for similar certificate programs within the university and are consistent with university policies on the timely review and retention of students in graduate programs.

Certificate Completion

Once students have completed the OCC requirements they need to apply for graduation from the OCC program in addition to the degree program in which the student is enrolled. This is done via Athena in the semester of graduation.

Completion Proposed Plan Form

When students have graduated, the Completion of Proposed Plan form should be downloaded, completed, and emailed to Holly Ivy.

In return, you will receive a hard copy of the OCC for your records.

Download a Completion Proposed Plan Form (PDF) (PDF).

Download a Checklist of Steps to Completion (PDF) (PDF).


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