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Vision and Mission

The University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus seeks to be a highly accessible and vibrant center of advanced learning for non-traditional and working professionals in greater Atlanta north-central and northeast Georgia.


The mission of the UGA Gwinnett Campus is to provide quality graduate, professional, and continuing education programs to residents and professional training opportunities for employees of local businesses and industries of greater Atlanta, north-central, and northeast Georgia. The UGA Gwinnett Campus serves the community's needs, promotes economic growth and workforce development in one of the state's fastest-growing regions, and responds to critical workforce shortages in the local public-service arena.


To carry out this mission, the UGA Gwinnett Campus will expand graduate, certificate, continuing education, and public service and outreach (PSO) programming; and increase physical space for such development. 

The mission reflects five (5) primary goals of the campus.

  1. Increasing access to graduate degree programs, post-baccalaureate certificates, continuing education, and PSO programming for residents in north-central and northeast Georgia

  2. Building capacity of the USG System for graduate and continuing education.

  3. Responding to needs incritical fields, including K-12 education, and meeting emerging needs in professional-academic areas, such as public health, industrial/organizational psychology, public administration, social work, information technology, & learning, leadership, and organizational development.

  4. Promoting economic development by responding to local and regional business and industry needs for a more highly skilled workforce.

  5. Increasing academic excellence by expanding the number of UGA graduate programs available in Gwinnett County to citizens who are place-bound or economically unable to pursue a UGA degree in Athens or wish to have a low-residency/cohort model experience.