Master of Science – Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs

Degree Program Overview

The rapid expansion of pharmaceutical and biomedical products requires a greater number of highly skilled Regulatory Affairs professionals to oversee the approval for new products lines and manage compliance with complex regulatory policies and procedures. Specialized and convenient education is crucial for busy professionals to develop and sustain an understanding of the ever-changing regulatory environment. The Masters of Science for Regulatory Affairs Program assures a strong professional background needed to succeed in administrative positions and specialized areas required of hands-on profession. This program is for individuals with a clear objective to cultivate a career in regulatory affairs and those with an industry background desiring advanced education in regulatory management. The Masters of Science for Regulatory Affairs Program covers regulatory requirements for Pharmaceutical, Biologic, Medical Device, Animal Health, International Regulations, and Combination Products.

Curriculum and Courses

38-39 hours + 14 hours for Regulatory Affairs Certificate
38/Thesis and 39/Project – Of these hours, 9 hours are electives


Depends on how many courses are taken per semester, but on average about 2 ½ to 3 years


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Potential Careers

Medical Product Regulatory Affairs and other disciplines that require a foundational knowledge of regulatory sciences.  Graduates of this degree work in the Life Sciences area employed in the private sector, government and higher education settings.

Associated Faculty

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Johnna Hodges, (678) 985-6809