How NOT to Catch a Phish and Avoid Malicious Emails

UGA, like most universities, is regularly and persistently targeted with malicious emails in “phishing” scams. Phishing emails are designed to trick you into replying to them with personal information like your username and password, your birthday, or financial account numbers. They may also come with attachments that, if opened, will attempt to infect your computer with malware.

In addition to asking for personal information, a phishing message typically wants you to take action by a close deadline, features poor grammar and spelling, and threatens to remove access to a service such as email, online banking, or a social networking site.

Did you receive an email message that looks suspicious, even one coming from a email address? Send it to UGA’s Abuse Team at To learn more about how to avoid these annoying and malicious emails, visit the EITS “Phish Tank."