All requests for classroom changes, rescheduling missed or canceled classes, and special event space should be directed to Jill Rhoden, Assistant Director for the Gwinnett Campus: gwinevnt@uga.edu or (678) 985-6807.

Jill Rhoden at Rhodenj@uga.edu or 678-985-6807 can assist. You can also fill out our Room Reservation Form. Jill can also help with:

  • Classroom space changes (including canceling class; please notify Jill of this ASAP)
  • Reserving extra space, including study and breakout rooms
  • Signage for classes and special events
  • Catering
  • Lodging for any out of town guests

As we continue to grow, space is becoming increasingly limited on campus. As always, our staff tries their hardest to accommodate everyone’s needs and does this best when they have time to prepare. Therefore, we appreciate knowing as soon as possible your space needs.

Please contact IT and AV support at 678-985-6799 or gwin-helpdesk@uga.edu.

IT Support is on campus. Our IT staff Don Mofield and Glenn Roberts would be happy to help with any IT questions you have.

You are welcome to allow your students to bring children to your classes. However, please note that children under the age of 16 cannot be left unaccompanied at the UGA Gwinnett Campus. Gwinnett Campus is located in a public, open-access building with no one available to watch over young children. The children would need to stay in your classroom with their parent or guardian at all times.

The Gwinnett Campus is dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment. We have a security guard on campus to escort people to their cars late at night. Just stop by the security desk in the building lobby to request an escort.

Please remember that Gwinnett Campus is a public building. To help maintain the safety of the building, please,

  • Do not prop locked building doors open for others to use.
  • Keep your personal belongings near you or locked in your trunk at all times. Don’t leave your belongings out and unattended while you’re in the building, and don’t leave belongings in plain sight in your car.
  • Leave valuables at home. If you don’t need it for class, don’t bring it with you.

Gwinnett Campus can offer a wide variety of student services. This includes:

  • Time management, team work, and presentation skills support
  • Disability Services and Accommodation
  • Checking student UGA ID numbers
  • Confirming student class registration
  • Checking student hold statuses
  • Student life and activities

Our staff can also answer questions and make referrals for:

  • Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Veterans’ Assistance
  • Crisis/ counseling referrals

Please email gwinstudent@uga.edu for more information.

Additionally, Gwinnett Campus has the Learning Resource Center and library support services. Our librarian, Charles Crisman, is available at gwinlib@uga.edu or 678-985-6798. Charles can assist with:

  • Research support, including use of Galileo
  • Receiving library materials from the interlibrary loan system
  • Logging into library computers
  • WEPA Printing Services
  • Basic writing support for students, including assisting with resumes and proper citations

The Gwinnett Campus Learning Resource Center is a public library. This means anyone can use the facilities and receive support from our librarian.