Dedicated faculty and staff are at the heart of quality instruction at the University of Georgia. That's why it is important to provide faculty with the resources they need to be successful in the classroom and providing staff with the tools for helping students reach their goals.

Room Reservation Requests

Please fill out this form to place a room request.

For any questions please contact Jill Rhoden, 678-985-6807.

Faculty support services

Normal Operating Hours

Faculty and staff should make every effort to schedule classes and meetings during the campus normal hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Gwinnett Campus is closed on all UGA celebrated holidays and may announce closings during inclement weather that causes unsafe travel to the Gwinnett location. The campus may modify staffing hours during finals week and semester breaks depending upon scheduled events. Security guards are on site Monday – Saturday. IT and facility staff are either physically on site or on call.


University Curriculum Committee

The University Curriculum Committee, one of the standing committees of the University Council, is responsible for developing curriculum policies and procedures for the University of Georgia; reviewing proposed degrees, majors, minors, new courses, and course changes; and handling other matters related to curriculum.

Educational Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee is a 13-member committee of the University Council that considers and recommends educational policies to the University Council and also hears student appeals on academic matters.
Educational Affairs Committee


UGA’s online courses and programs provide learning opportunities in a format that expands the traditional classroom experience and allows flexibility for students who physically may not be able to attend a class on campus. Courses and programs are managed by the UGA schools and colleges in which the programs reside.



DegreeWorks is a web-based tool that helps students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion by formatting the degree requirements and completed coursework into an easy-to-read worksheet that shows how courses completed count toward degree requirements.

UGA Bulletin

Use the UGA Bulletin to explore and compare majors, minors and certificates.



Faculty and staff needing assistance with technology on the Gwinnett campus have two available resources.

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) is the central information technology organization at the University of Georgia. The organization supports faculty, students, and staff at the University of Georgia with the goal of helping the UGA community utilize technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning, research, and public service. This support is offered through collaborations with colleges, departments, and individual clients. For assistance with software, storage, email and calendar, accessibility and security, or any other service supported by EITS, go to

Faculty and staff new to UGA also may refer to EITS' online guide for those new to campus.

Classroom Technology

Gwinnett classes are all equipped with the most up-to-date audio-visual technology including smart-podiums, projectors, screens, and CD/DVD players. Several rooms have video-conferencing capabilities and digital recording capabilities.

All new faculty should contact the Gwinnett IT staff to arrange for training in using the classroom AV and IT equipment. Send requests for training to the Gwinnett Helpdesk.


IT staff are either physically on site or available on call hours and during normal operating hours on Saturday. To ensure that you receive the fastest response for IT assistance, all requests should be sent by email or voice message to the Gwinnett Helpdesk.

Voice messages are automatically transferred through the unified messaging system into email so the IT support person on call will receive your call for assistance. If you do not receive a response within 10 minutes for classroom assistance, please check with the front desk assistant.

Information about IT policies and procedures can be obtained from the Gwinnett helpdesk. To contact the Gwinnett Helpdesk call (678)-985-6799 or email

Facilities Assistance

For assistance from a facility manager during class, call the facility coordinator or the front reception desk.


Andy Gerlach, Facilities Manager (678) 985-6766
Front Reception Desk (678) 985-6801


Faculty may request UGA ID cards through the Office of Student Affairs in room 153. For more information contact, or (678) 985-6767.


New faculty who expect to receive mail at Gwinnett should inform their department coordinator. Senders of mail should be instructed to add the department name to the address line, so mail can be sorted accordingly.


The Center for Teaching and Learning serves faculty, administrators and graduate teaching assistants in each of the university’s schools and colleges by coordinating a wide variety of programs and activities aimed at supporting and promoting excellence in teaching and learning.


eLC-New, powered by Desire2Learn software, is the next generation online learning management system at the University of Georgia, and is jointly supported by Enterprise Information Technology Services and The Center for Teaching and Learning.

Registrar Faculty/Staff Services

Class and graduation rosters, FERPA, registration dates, withdrawal and drop policies, advisement, data requests and other related information for faculty and staff are located with the Office of the Registrar.


Nineteen classrooms seat from 15–90 participants. Several large classrooms offer the popular case-style seating arrangement with tiered levels and fixed tables. Other classrooms can be setup with or without tables and chairs. All classrooms have touch control, electronic smart-podiums with ceiling mounted projectors and complete electronic peripherals. Classroom technology is available for video-conferencing and digital recording.

Ten meeting rooms are available seating from 4–12 participants, with two rooms offering video-conferencing capabilities.

A large activity room is the perfect setting for a reception, graduation ceremony, guest speaker or classroom. The room offers theater-style seating for 150 or round tables for 96 participants. The electronic technology is the same as in other classrooms. A large built-in buffet provides a location for caterers’ food. Caterers may also use the adjoining kitchen as a staging area for food for events.

Student Group Break-Out Space

Instructors often have students working together on projects and need breakout space for students to work. Students may break out in the public areas, but should not move to other classrooms without reserving space. If a meeting room is open and not scheduled, students may use these spaces as well.