Student Support for UGA Gwinnett

Do you have questions about registration, financial aid, holds on your record, veterans services, the Graduate School, or anything else? Contact Olivia Mugenga in academic support.

Weather Closure Policy

In the event of inclement weather that causes unsafe conditions, The UGA Gwinnett Campus may close to protect students, faculty, and staff.  Information on Gwinnett Campus closures is reported on the UGA Gwinnett website, the UGA Gwinnett Facebook page, and on metro-Atlanta radio and television stations.

Weather patterns vary widely across the state, and the UGA Gwinnett Campus responds to weather emergencies independently from the main campus in Athens.  Schedule changes or cancellations on the main campus in Athens do not necessarily mean that the UGA Gwinnett Campus is affected.

Students and faculty members travel to the UGA Gwinnett Campus from several counties, but campus closures are only determined by conditions in Gwinnett.  All students and faculty are encouraged to consider their own safety and local road conditions before traveling in bad weather.  Students should contact faculty members directly about specific classes.  Individual class cancellations are not reported to UGA Gwinnett staff and are not announced on the campus website.


Orientation events for incoming students are specific to different degree programs. Please contact your program coordinator or professor for details.


Students are advised by faculty members or coordinators for their degree programs.

UGA Bulletin

Use the UGA Bulletin to explore and compare degree programs and certificates, as well as to research courses to take:

Class Registration

Registration and adjusting schedules, including dropping and adding classes, is one of several options available to students in Athena, UGA's student information system. It also gives students access to check on financial aid, as well as pay tuition and fees. For more information, visit the UGA Registrar's Office website.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid informs prospective and current students of the resources and services available to them to secure funds for financing their education. The office advises students of their eligibility for financial assistance in a timely manner and educates them about the financial and academic responsibilities associated with the receipt of that aid.

Student Accounts

View student account transactions and balance, make electronic payment, set up direct deposit, establish authorized users and view tax reporting information by clicking "My Student Account" at


eLearning Commons, powered by Brightspace by D2L 10.3, is the online learning management system at the University of Georgia, and is jointly supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning and Enterprise Information Technology Services. Many professors use eLC to post assignments and grades, communicate with students, and engage in required assignments for hybrid courses.


Keep up with important dates, breaks and academic deadlines at, where there is also information about final exam schedules and policies

Hardship Withdrawals

Withdrawals after Semester Midpoint

A hardship withdrawal is a withdrawal approved by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Gwinnett Campus as a documented event or serious illness that is beyond the student’s control and prevents the student from continuing or performing successfully in the semester. With a hardship withdrawal, students are expected to withdraw from all courses for the semester.  Students withdrawing from any or all of their classes should be aware that a reduction in their course load may affect other aspects of their academic life, and they should contact these offices to discuss any potential impact. 

  • Student Financial Aid including the HOPE Scholarship (Student Financial Aid/(706) 542-6147)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress – SAP (Student Financial Aid/(706) 542-6147)
  • Immigration status for International students (International Education/(706) 542-7903)
  • Veterans Educational Benefits (Veterans Benefits/Registrar’s Office/(706) 542-8772)

The impact on Student Financial Aid may include, but is not limited to, mandatory repayment of already disbursed funds. Students should contact Student Financial Aid or other appropriate offices if there are any questions concerning the possible impact of withdrawing.  Withdrawals during any session of the summer semester – Maymester, Extended Session, Thru Session, and both Short Sessions – can impact a student’s eligibility to enroll in other summer sessions of that same semester. Students returning from academic dismissal should consult their academic advisor prior to withdrawing. Veterans and dependents of veterans who are receiving educational benefits must notify the Office of Veterans Educational Benefits of any course load reduction (Office of the Registrar (706) 542-8772). 

Students who withdraw from any or all of their classes or who are withdrawn by the instructor PRIOR to the withdrawal deadline of the grading period are assigned a grade of ‘WP’ (Withdraw Passing) or ‘WF’ (Withdraw Failing) by the instructor. Students may not withdraw after the withdrawal deadline except when the student is doing satisfactory work and the Office of Student Support approves a University hardship withdrawal, in which case a grade of ‘WP’ may be assigned at the instructor’s discretion; however, an approved university hardship withdrawal does not guarantee a grade of ‘WP’. 

No refund is allowed for a reduction in hours except when the class is dropped during the Drop period or when a student withdraws from all classes within the designated time period for that semester. A University Withdrawal allows for a prorated refund based on the day the withdrawal is processed as outlined in the current University Bulletin. Please access the University Bulletin for more complete information concerning individual class withdrawals, University Withdrawals, and refunds.


If you wish to withdraw from the university after the semester midpoint, you should follow the following process:

  • Speak with your professors about your situation to see if alternative arrangements can be made for completing coursework.
  • If no alternatives are possible or advisable, prepare a specific, written timeline and explanatory details of the hardship and contact the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Gwinnett Campus, Dr. Laura Crawley.
  • Discuss your situation with the director.  You will be asked to submit written documentation of the hardship from a credible third party who is unrelated to you. The specific required documentation will be determined by the director after speaking with you. 
  • If the director believes a hardship is warranted, she will notify you and your professors.
  • You must then complete the withdrawal process via Athena, saving a copy of the withdrawal verification page for your records.

Please note that the director does not assign grades. Faculty members assign grades and they will assign a WP or WF depending on your class performance before the hardship occurred.

You should never simply stop attending class without informing professors and advisors about your hardship situation. Hardship withdrawals must be complete before 5 p.m. on the last day of class. You cannot withdraw once regular class meetings have ended. The documentation process typically takes several days, so you should plan accordingly.

For more information on withdrawals after the semester midpoint, contact Dr. Laura Crawley.

Recording Professors' Lectures

If you wish to record your professor's classroom lectures or discussions, please obtain direct permission from your professor first. Lecture content is considered "intellectual property" and some professors may not want their comments recorded.

Student Organizations

Getting involved with a student organization is a great way to develop your leadership skills, learn a new skill or hobby, connect with your fellow students, network with professionals in your area of study, or just have fun. If you are interested in starting a student organization, please contact Dr. Laura Crawley.

Discounted Student Tickets

Periodically, Gwinnett Student Affairs offers tickets for Atlanta-area cultural events, such as Wicked, Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker, and Stomp. These tickets are deeply discounted or free for students, and additional tickets can be purchased for friends and family at higher rate. These opportunities are advertised to students via emails, newsletter announcements, fliers, and posters.

Coffee and Culture

Coffee and Culture is an on-going series in which students can enjoy some coffee or tea and a guest artist in a few minutes before class or on a class break.

Healthy Habits

The campus creates opportunities and events that support healthy habits and lifestyles in a format that meets the unique needs of Gwinnett Campus students. Look for opportunities to get tips, information, and wellness help in a “grab and go” format. Our most popular Healthy Habits offering is our regular Stress Relief event, where students can get a free chair massage before class or during a break. Check the Student Life Calendar for upcoming events.

Athletic Tickets

UGA Gwinnett Campus students have the option of electing to pay the UGA Athletic Fee in the fall semester, which allows them to participate in the UGA football ticket lottery. Students who wish to participate in this program should check their UGA email account regularly in the summer and respond when requested with the appropriate information. Students should direct any questions to the UGA Athletic Ticket Office, at 706-542-1231 or 877-542-1231.

Education Abroad

Contact: Office of International Education
Location: 1324 S Lumpkin Street, Athens Georgia 30602
Telephone: 706-542-2900

The University of Georgia offers over 100 study abroad and exchange programs to its students. UGA is also a member of various consortia and affiliated with organizations that offer many additional programs. However, our students are not limited to these opportunities, but can select from any of the thousands of programs offered by American universities or directly enroll in a foreign university for a short-term summer program, a semester, or an academic year. If you want more information, start by accessing the website listed above.

Student Money Matters

Student Accounts
You may view your student account transactions and balance, make electronic payment, set up direct deposit, establish authorized users and view tax reporting information by clicking "Accessing My Student Account" at

Financial Aid
You can find information on the Office of Student Financial Aid website, where you can apply for financial aid by completing the financial aid application process. Once you complete the aid application process, you will be considered for federal, state, and institutional aid, including scholarships administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please note these important dates when completing the application process.

Bulldog Bucks
Bulldog Bucks is an online account-based debit card program offered to the campus community. It is open to anyone with a UGA ID card, including students, faculty, and staff. Bulldog Bucks are accepted as payment in the Library. The UGACard serves as an access device for your campus debit account. If you do not have a UGACard, or you need a replacement, you can start the process in the Gwinnett Campus Office of Student Services, in Suite 125. Once you have a UGACard, you need only to complete a card holder agreement to begin using Bulldog Bucks.

Testing Services

Staff on the Gwinnett Campus can proctor exams taken through the Office of Online Learning; for students who need alternative testing arrangements, such as for disability accommodations; and for students enrolled in distance learning at other institutions. There are also a variety of testing services based in Athens. For more information on the testing services available through the Office of Student Affairs contact Lisa Bramlett, (678) 985-6801.

Disability Services

Disability Resource Center

The mission of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to create an accessible academic, social, and physical environment for students with disabilities who are enrolled in degree-granting academic programs at The University of Georgia. The DRC seeks to eliminate barriers for students with disabilities, and also encourages students to develop independence and responsibility as they participate in University life. 

The DRC provides services to students who have physical, cognitive, or psychological impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities. Examples include chronic illness, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disability, hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility impairment, psychological impairment, and traumatic brain injury. The academic and support services promote equal access to University programs and activities. The DRC also provides state-of-the-art assistive computer equipment and devices designed to level the playing field for people with disabilities. 

Students with disabilities are encouraged to call or visit the DRC to meet with a coordinator, or to complete the on-line intake packet. For more information on services please contact Lisa Bramlett, (678) 985-6801. She will assist you with contacting the DRC and initiating the process. 

Student Health Info

Health Concerns and Student Insurance

The services of the Athens-located University Health Center (UHC) are not currently offered at the Gwinnett Campus.  Gwinnett Campus students do not pay the UGA student health fee as part of their standard fee package, but they are eligible to receive some services offered on the Athens Campus.  Interested students should call the UHC at 706-542-1162 for more information about how to pay the appropriate fees and receive services.  Otherwise, Gwinnett Campus students, faculty, and staff have the following options when encountering health concerns.  

Life Threatening Crises

Students, faculty, and staff who experience or encounter a potentially life-threatening health crisis on campus should immediately contact Gwinnett County emergency services by calling 911 (or 9-911 if using a campus phone).

Non-Life Threatening Injuries, Illnesses, and Concerns

When students require medical attention for clinical or psychological needs, they must utilize the services of their personal health care professional.   

In addition, the Gwinnett Office of Student Services maintains a referral list of local, reduced cost mental health services, although the OSA does not endorse the services of any organization. This list can be obtained by visiting the office in Suite 125 or contacting us at (678) 985-6801 or  

Student Health Insurance

Students who are not already covered through parents, spouse/partner, or work health plans may wish to obtain coverage via a student health insurance policy.

Alumni Association

Code of Conduct


As a unit within the Division of Student Affairs, the mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to enhance the learning environment for members of the University of Georgia community. This is accomplished by:

  • Educating University of Georgia students and student organizations about their rights, responsibilities and expectations as members of a community.
  • Providing a fair and educational process for students and student organizations through which alleged violations of the University Code of Conduct are resolved.
  • Creating opportunities for student learning and development.
  • Offering outreach services to educate faculty, staff and other community partners about the role of our office and the Code of Conduct.